Khayr al-Jood Company participates in the Agricultural Week with (Proudly Made in Iraq) as a slogan.

Khayr al-Jood Company for Modern Agriculture and Industry Technology, affiliated to the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, participated in the twelfth agricultural week on the grounds of the Baghdad International Fair, which opened on Saturday morning (Dhu al-Qi`dah 29, 1442 AH) corresponding to (July 10, 2021) with more than 80 diverse products including agricultural fertilizers and stimulants, as well as bio-pesticides and animal food supplements, all manufactured with purely Iraqi expertise, aiming to support the local product and develop the agricultural sector.

The director of the company, Engineer Maytham Al-Bahadli, told Al-Kafeel Network, that: "We participated in this Week to demonstrate the broad and studied steps taken by the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine in the field of manufacturing agricultural production requirements, both plant and animal products, and the development of the country's own capabilities to secure the food and living standard that suits the requirements of the current era ".

He added: "The message of this participation is that Iraqi minds are capable of creativity in all fields, including agriculture and livestock, if the appropriate conditions are available for them. Moreover, attendance at this important forum is an opportunity to inform farmers of the latest developments in modern techniques and technologies used in agricultural operations, as well as the acquisition and exchange of experiences between specialists in the agricultural field."

Al-Bahadli explained that: "The company's pavilion was distinguished, as samples of its products were displayed in both parts: the products of the agricultural fertilizer plant that are safe for the environment and free from chemical side effects, and manufactured according to international standard specifications, and included dissolved ground fertilizers, nutrients and others according the quality of the crop, while the second part was concerned with food supplements for animals."

The pavilion was well received by the exhibition goers by viewing these products on the one hand, and on the other hand, to answer the questions and inquiries of the Iraqi governmental and local companies about the most important technologies used in the manufacture of these materials that have begun to compete with the global product, in a manner that suits Iraqi farms from an environmental level. And practical experiences have proven their success at all levels.
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