Treatment of Mastoiditis, Eustachian tubes and hearing bones.

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital affiliated with the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announced that it had successfully treated a large necrosis of the right ear bone up to the Eustachian tube and then to the middle ear, in addition to necrosis of the hearing bones of a twenty-year-old patient.
The specialist in ear, nose and throat surgery at the hospital, Dr. Adel Al-Mas'oudi, said: "Our medical team succeeded in cleaning the ear bone of a twenty-year-old patient who suffers from severe and chronic inflammation in the middle ear with significant necrosis of the right ear bone up to the Eustachian canal and then to the middle ear with Necrosis of the hearing bones”, considering the case as “advanced and severe due to neglect by the patient for several years without consulting a specialist doctor.”
Al-Mas'oudi added, "The area was cleaned and the necrotic bones were removed and grafted using special membranes and tissues taken from the patient's own scalp," stressing: "Hearing was preserved and the area was beautified after the operation."
The otolaryngologist explained that: “This operation is considered a rare occurrence and is dangerous, because it is close to the brain and the seventh nerve, in addition to the presence of arteries in the affected area,” noting that “this case occurs due to the patient’s neglect and his delay in treatment.”
Al-Mas'oudi pointed out: "The presence of a distinguished medical team with modern and advanced equipment, such as the microscope and sinus endoscopes, to know some of the minutious details in the ear, which made it easier for us to perform the operation."
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