Closing ceremony of the Ebil Fedil (El-Abbas) {PBUH} Quran First Internatioanl Festival

Closing ceremony
The El-Abbas Holy Shrine witnessed the closing ceremony of the the Ebil Fedil (El-Abbas) {PBUH} Quran First International Festival which was held for three days.

The ceremony opened with reciting verses of the Noble Quran. The head of the Quran House Sheikh Mohammed Jawad Es-Selami, delivered a speech in which he thanked all the audience and mentioned the goals of the festival:

1. 35 Quran memorizers have participated in the Quran contest which supervised by an international committee.
2. Gathering all the International Quran Foundations sponsored by the El-Abbas Holy Shrine.
3. A conference focused on Ebil Fedil El-Abbas (PBUH).
4. Fulfilling convergence among the Quran foundations.

Several speeches delivered by some people from various countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and some others who extended the3ir thankfulness to the El-Abbas Holy Shrine for holding such a festival with remarkable informative activities.
At the end of the festival, rewards and certificates were presented to the participants and audience.

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