Noor al-Kafeel Company is a support for the local economy by a quality product.

Al-Kafeel chicken project is one of the most important projects of Noor Al-Kafeel Company, which has contributed significantly to providing local product with high quality, in an effort to support the local economy and provide manpower.

The Director of Noor Al-Kafeel Company Jaafar Al-Qutb said, " “Noor Al-Kafeel Company for Food and Animal Products has developed its production line, after it was produced for many years in slaughterhouses outside the country,” adding: “Today, after walking steadily, the production of Al-Kafeel chicken is taking place in the holy Karbala governorate, after a slaughterhouse was opened there."

Al-Qutb continued, "The Noor Al-Kafeel Company provides the product of slaughtered chicken and its pieces according to the Islamic method, through the direct supervision of the Al-Kafeel Islamic Center of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, which guarantees the application of the legal conditions for the halal slaughtering."

He explained: "The first stages of production begin by choosing chicks with standard specifications, which are fed with natural grains. This is reflected in the quality of their meat when they reach the slaughtering stage. After that, the chickens are examined by specialized supervisors, to ensure their safety and not being exposed to diseases, to move to a room with light blue to keep the chickens relaxed."

Al-Qutb stated: “The slaughtering stage begins by the specialist who meets all legal conditions. After the process is completed in the direction of the qiblah and by mentioning the word of God on each chicken. Another supervisor verifies the slaughtering process by seeing the four jugular veins that have been completely cut, as they are one of the necessary conditions in this process.”

He pointed out, "The chicken goes through the cleaning phase of feathers and internal entrails, taking into account the edible parts after removing them. The slaughtered chicken is examined after being inserted on sonar devices in order to remove the ones that have suffered fractures and bruises, while the healthy chicken goes to the packaging either completely or in the form of pieces."

Pointing out that: "The production phase was concluded by matching the supervisor between the weight written on the chicken and its real weight, to be marketed to direct sales centers spread throughout the governorates."
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