Modern techniques to stabilize fractures at the al-Kafeel Hospital.

A medical team from Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital in Karbala reported performing two operations to stabilize multiple fractures in the upper and lower extremities of a 40-year-old patient. Explaining that the techniques used in the two operations are modern to help the patient to return to his normal life quickly.
Dr. Ahmad Ni'mah, a specialist in orthopedic surgery at the hospital, said: "Our medical team recently performed the operation to fix a complex fracture at the bottom of the humerus, for a 40-year-old injured in a traffic accident, which caused him to have multiple fractures in the thigh and hand."
Dr. Ni'mah added that: "The humerus was fixed with the closed platinum technique, which is one of the best techniques available to stabilize complex fractures," noting that: "This technique helps the patient to move the hand and fingers immediately after the operation, and within only two weeks he is able to move his hand completely, and lead a normal life.”
The orthopedic and joint surgeon pointed out that: "This operation is the second, as it was preceded by one to fix the femur using the closed blind technique, and it is also one of the latest techniques to stabilize such fractures," describing the health status of the patient as stable as he did not have any complications during and after the operation."
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