Lumbar vertebrae fixation for a 40-year-old patient at the al-Kafeel Hospital.

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine succeeded in fixing the lumbar vertebrae of a patient in his forties, which were pressing on the spinal cord.
The specialist in neurosurgery at the hospital, Dr. Khaled Al-Sarraj, said: "The patient has a herniated disc in the lumbar vertebrae, pressing on the spinal cord," noting that: "the slip caused the patient severe pain in the lower extremities and difficulty in urinating."
He added, "After completing the necessary examinations and analyzes, we performed the process of fixing the vertebrae and liberating the spinal cord for the patient, and it was successful," stressing: "The patient did not have any complications during the operation, and he is now in a very good health condition."
Al-Sarraj confirmed that: "The capabilities and technologies available at Al-Kafeel Hospital are modern, and they constitute an important factor in our surgical operations to treat patients," pointing out: "Achieving many medical successes in various simple and advanced cases, including qualitative and distinctive operations."
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