Husseinian Rites Department issues Instructions for commemorating Moharram rites

A picture of the pilgrimage
On the occasion of Moharram month, the Department of the Husseinian Leagues and Processions of the Imam Hussein and El-Abbas Holy Shrine has issued instructions for commemorating the rites of Moharram month:

1. All members of the Husseinian leagues and processions might offer their prayer once the call to prayer is due.

2. All sponsors of the Husseinian leagues and processions might be obligated to follow all the instructions and directions issued by our department concerning times of performance of the processions.

3. All people should obey the instructions of the security forces and our department in order not to let anything bad might occur.

4. No letting unknown individuals be with the processions, besides, no any weapons might be carried by the procession members.

5. The Imam Hussein and El-Abbas Holy Shrines will control the time of every procession punctually.

6. Each sponsor or a procession us responsible for the safety of his procession members through checking them and inspecting the voice devices.

7. One video camera allowed to carry with each procession, and the camera man should have a badge provided by the holy Shrine.

8. Poem reciter should be obligated to the specified time given to each one of them which is only 10 minutes, in order to avoid gathering or blocking the movement flow.

9. Demonstration processions, those who use horses in imitating Imam Hussein and his family on the day of Ashura, due to keep the purity of the holy sites.

10. On the tenth day of Moharram month, after the noon prayer, Rekdhet Tweareej (A run performed by a huge number of the adorers of Ahlulbait {PBUT} towards the Imam Hussein and then El-Abbas Holy Shrines, expressing their sorrow for not being with Imam Hussein when he was murdered.)

11. Imitating procession of the tragedy of Imam Hussein (PBUH) at 04:00 PM.

12. Uninstalling all the tents after the thirteenth day of Moharram.
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