The Department of Maintenance and Engineering Construction continues its work in the second dental clinics complex.

The staff of the Engineering Construction and Maintenance Department continues its work in the Bayariq Al-Ameed II Complex building, which is dedicated to the educational dental clinics implemented for the benefit of the College of Dentistry / Al-Ameed University.
Resident engineer Karrar Brihi said: "The project is dedicated to training students of the fourth and fifth stages of the Faculty of Dentistry at Al-Ameed University."
He added: "The building consists of five clinics and a reception and waiting room. It consists of three floors, and the area of ​​each floor is (640) square meters."
"The first phase of the project included the preparation of plans, and after they were approved by the administration of Al-Ameed University, our staff started the second phase, in which we demolished the internal partitions and removed the waste."
The engineer stated, "The current stage is the third, and it includes construction according to the developed plan, and adding spaces to the building in order to accommodate the largest possible number of patients and visitors."
Brihi pointed out that: "The next stage consists of the establishment and installation of the systems, and the start of finishing works," explaining that "the completion rate has so far reached 50%."
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