Correction of spinal deviation in a 17-year-old young man at the al-Kafeel Hospital.

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine succeeded in correcting a deviation in the spine of a 17-year-old young man, while the hospital's modern techniques helped successfully such complex operations.

The specialist of the nervous system and spine at the hospital, the Syrian doctor, Dr. Wael Qasem: "We succeeded in performing a unique operation to correct the deviation of the spine in a 17-year-old man who suffers from a congenital deformity of the connection between the skull and the spinal cord. He developed a cyst inside the spinal cord that caused severe deviation of the spine over time."

Dr. Qasem added, "The operation took more than four hours, and we used a spinal cord monitor to prevent any nerve problems, as well as sequentially monitoring techniques for adjusting the deviation during the operation," stressing: "We accomplished almost 100% deviation adjustment, and no complications occurred to the patient, thank God."

The Syrian doctor noted that: "Such operations are considered dangerous, complex and require advanced equipment and techniques, which are available in the Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital, especially the intensive care center, and pre- and post-operative diagnostic tools."
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