Historical processions entering Imam Hussein & El-Abbas Holy Shrines

Every single year mourning processions increase and eagerly attend the Imam Hussein and El-Abbas Holy Shrines. They usually attend to march reiterating shouts about Imam Hussein and his brother El-Abbas (PBUT) expressing their sorrow for what befell Imam Hussein and his family on the day of Ashura.

Processions perform certain rituals such as
1. Carrying a litter; a ship-shaped litter representing the the prophetic quote, “Hussein is the light of guidance and the ark of salvation” . It’s been being performed as part of the Husseinian rituals.

2. Tekyeh (Pavilion); used to be used in past times in Kerbala, when a young passes away, and many young people get together in that pavilion especially the friends of the past away person. Nowadays, it is used in Moharram month in commemorating the tragedy of Imam Hussein (PBUH) where many people get together in order to offer their rituals.

3. The dome of El-Qasim (PBUH); El-Qasim (PBUH) is the niece of Imam Hussein (PBUH) who was very young on the day of Ashura. Narrations say that he was about to marry one of Imam Hussein’s daughter, but he was martyred in Et-Taf ierce battle. Therefore, people now carry the dome, which used to be used in past times for holding a wedding ceremony, to represent how difficult the attitude of El-Qasim (PBUH) when he sacrificed himself, when he was about to get married, in defending his uncle Imam Hussein (PBUH) on the day of Ashura.

Kerbala divided into seven parts. Each part offers the common rituals for Imam Hussein in commemoration of his great tragedy. They usually offer free food, drink, and other services for the pilgrims of Imam Hussein (PBUH). They also march as processions reiterating sorrowful shouts about Imam Hussein and his family.
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