Dates of the square between the two holy shrines are distributed to visitors.

The staffs of the Planting and Ornamental Unit in the Department of the Square between the Two Holy Shrines harvested a large quantity of dates from the palms between the two holy shrines of Imam al-Hussayn and his brother Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon them), and distributed them to mourning visitors, processions and Hussayni bodies.

The head of the aforementioned department, Mr. Nafe' Al-Mousawi, told Al-Kafeel Network: “This is the second year in which the harvest of the ripe dates of the palms between the two holy shrines coincides with this Ziyarat. And so that the visitors can seek the blessings of these dates, we picked the ripe ones and distributed them after dates were collected in a special place to be cleaned, then put it in special boxes marked with the name of the department to be distributed free of charge to visitors."

He added, "The dates in the courtyard between the Two Holy Shrines are of good quality, and every year we harvest them, clean them, and then distribute them to visitors on the same day."

Noting that the palm trees are one of the most important green landscapes that give a spectacular appearance to the region, which prompted the administration of the department to create its own watering system and then fertilizing and sustaining them through the control of agricultural pests with the finest pesticides, as well as replacing some of them with rare varieties. These works were culminated by reaping fruits (dates) and distributing them to visitors.
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