Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs from Kerbala: As Imam Hussein (PBUH) is the master of the youth in paradise, Kerbala is the best land ever

during the meeting

Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Ahmed Dawud Ughlo, visited Kerbala and specifically the El-Abbas Holy Shrine.

The Minister met with the Secretary-General of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine Sayed Ahmed Es-Safi. The Minister said that Kerbala is for all Muslims, just like Mecca and Jerusalem are for all Muslims. He also said, "As long as Imam Hussein (PBUH) is the master of all the youth in paradise, his Kerbala must be the best land is the best land of all."

He also mentioned the Turkish Iraqi relationships which is built upon brotherhood and common responsibilities.

Sayed Ahmed Es-Safi, also mentioned that there are great relationships between Turkish people and Iraqi people, and they are related to each other tribally. He also hoped that the Turkish leaders could play a good role in strengthening the relationships between the two countries.

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