The revival of heritage is one of the main objectives of the Department of Islamic and Human Knowledge Affairs.

The Department of Islamic and Human Knowledge Affairs of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine continues its achievements and activities in various circumstances without interruption, through its affiliated centers and divisions.

This department includes centers specialized in the revival of Islamic heritage, investigation, authorship, indexing and media, including: (Karbala Heritage Center, Hilla Heritage Center, Basra Heritage Center, Najaf Heritage Center, South Heritage Center and Islamic Heritage Center in the holy city of Mashhad), as well as the divisions of the Cognitive Care and Knowledge Media.

All of these centers and divisions have scientific and technical staff with great experience and capabilities in their field of work. Over the past years, they have been able to publish dozens of publications, books, encyclopedias, brochures and guides, in addition to holding many international conferences and seminars, workshops and exhibitions, and establishing many websites and specialized heritage pages.

The heritage centers of the aforementioned department aim to serve the Islamic heritage, take care of it by dealing with the heritage of several cities in terms of research, writing, study and investigation, as a contribution to supplying the Arab and Islamic library with publications, and to shed light on the pioneering role of Iraqi cities in all fields of science and knowledge.

It is worth noting that the Department of Knowledge regularly holds courses, lectures, and workshops in order to develop the skills of its staff, and it is one of the departments specialized in reviving the Islamic heritage and revealing its hidden treasures, represented by the manuscripts of its scholars and mujtahids.
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