Al-Kafeel Academy of Emergency Medical Services resumes the Tactical Care Program for Combat Casualties.

The Al-Kafeel Academy for Paramedics and Medical Training, affiliated to the Department of Development and Sustainable Development at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, resumed its courses in military emergency medical services through the (Tactical Care for Combat Casualties TCCC) program, in its fifty-sixth session.
Eleven trainees from several brigades in the leadership of Al-Rafidain operations (the Popular Mobilization) participated in the resumed course, which will last for five days, with ten training hours per day.
The course is specialized in training fighters on the most important skills that contribute to saving the injured and preserving his life in battles, the most important of which are cases of severe bleeding, penetrating and non-penetrating chest injuries, minor injuries and wounds, fractures of all kinds.
It is worth noting that the program includes 30% theoretical lessons and 70% practical field training, according to an internationally accredited curriculum, where the trainees pass multiple tests after each stage to evaluate their performance.
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