The first visitors participating in the march of Arba'een reach Nasiriyah.

The province of Dhi Qar received, with the first rays of dawn, the vanguard of the Hussayni love convoy of the Arba'een visitors, who arrived from the far south of the province of Basra, and their first stop was the boundary between the two provinces in the district of Jabayesh. And people of the district, young and old, women and men rushed to serve them, after they had completed all preparations to receive them.
The reporter of the al-Kafeel Network accompanying this march, said: "The visitors, whose first starting point was from the (Ras al-Bishah) region in the far south of Iraq, continued their journey until they reached Dhi Qar Governorate, after they were bid farewell by the people of al-Mdayna district in Basra Governorate, to meet the people of Nasiriyah who joined them in this march after the last visitor left their city, and so the reception and farewell will be in succession.”
He added: "Visitors from Basra took two directions, the first is the Maysan governorate road, and the second is the road to Dhi Qar governorate through the Jabayesh district, to continue their journey in this governorate through its public or small roads designated for visitors."
The sons of Nasiriyah, the Hussayni processions, and the houses that spread on all the roads that this immortal path passed through, received the visitors in an unparalleled hospitality, in terms of providing the best services that the visitor needs during his long journey.
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