Nasiriyah welcomes the visitors of the Arba’een and has the honor of serving them.

The roads taken by visitors in the province of Dhi Qar and its center in Nasiriyah, began to witness a momentum for visitors of the Arba’een, with the dawn of this Tuesday (6 Safar) the pioneers of visitors moved from the al-Fuhud area.

The reporter of Al-Kafeel Network accompanying this march stated that: "The visitors' road in al-Fuhud city is on two axes. The first is towards the city of al-Tar, which splits into two roads: the road of Al Jubir - 'Ageyga and the road of al-Tar - Karmat Bani Sa'eed - Suq al-Shuyukh. The second axis is towards Sayed Dekheyl. And the visitor is given the choice of which way to take.”

He added: "All the roads, whether the main or secondary ones, are full of Hussayni service processions, which took the character of those areas with various services, in addition to the houses that opened their doors, as these areas mobilized their old and young men, to have the honor to serve the visitors they pass by."

It is noteworthy that this road is mostly deserted, but on days like these it is full of walking visitors. These days are the last days of the visitors’ journey in those areas, as those in charge of service processions confirmed that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow they will finish providing their services in this road, and close the processions, to join the visitors in performing the ritual of Ziyarat Arba'een by walking towards Karbala.
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