Removing a tumor from a liver by a specific operation at Al-Kafeel Hospital.

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital announced its success in removing a tumor from the liver of a thirty-year-old patient, while describing the operation as qualitative, and its success was the result of the skill of the medical team and the hospital's techniques.

The specialist in gastrointestinal and liver surgery, Dr. Saad Al-Allaq: “A medical committee in the hospital diagnosed a tumor in the left part of the liver of a patient in his thirties, and decided to remove it by surgery,” adding, “The committee consisted of specialists in radiological examination, oncology and general surgery,” noting that “the operation succeeded as a result of the skill of the medical, anaesthesia and assistants team, as well as the techniques available in the hospital."

Dr. Al-Allaq described the operation as “qualitative and took three hours, during which the tumor was completely removed, and the patient’s health status is currently stable,” noting that “the removed tumor was sent for laboratory examination, to determine its type and the treatment mechanism for the patient after the operation.”
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