The banners of the roaring Hussayni waves embrace the sky of Muthanna and its people and processions rushing to serve them.

This Friday morning (9 Safar 1443 AH) corresponding to (September 17, 2021), the vanguards of the crowds of visitors coming from southern Iraq arrived in the Muthanna Governorate and its center in Samawah, after they passed most of the roads leading to it through Nasiriyah, which witnesses its climax on the road to al-Batha district, located to its north and is about 45 km away from its center and about 70 km from its administrative borders with the Muthanna Governorate.

The reporter of the al-Kafeel Network accompanying this march said: "Crowds of visitors who took the Nasiriyah roads reached the al-Batha sub-district, passing through the al-Darraji area, reaching the outskirts of al-Muthanna Governorate at the Al-Huwaishli area in its al-Khidr district."

He added: "The service processions in Nasiriyah, which received visitors for more than three days, part of them are still providing their services, and the other part started packing their supplies, and another part went to Karbala or nearby governorates, to participate in the mourning activities. It is hoped that this governorate will bid farewell to the visitors during the next two days.”

He also stated: "Once the visitors' feet set foot in the land of al-Muthanna, which people and processions were fully prepared and longing for their service, they rose to receive the visitors and welcome them in their usual way that they inherited from one generation to another."

On the other hand, the flow of visitors continued from Maysan Governorate towards the city of Samawah, heading towards Diwaniyah, and from there to the city of Hilla via al-Qasem district, or to the city of Najaf al-Ashraf and from there to Karbala. Same case for the visitors of Wasit Governorate, who are still continuing their journey towards Babylon Governorate.

Nothing motivates everyone to exert effort, money and comfort except the love of al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), and the longing to meet him, and the tongue of everyone calls out:

"Here I am for your service O he who invited the people unto Allah.

Although I could not put myself (bodily) at your disposal when you asked for help, and could not declare my readiness to help you when you sought support, but my mind and soul, my understanding and insight, are at your beck and call.

Glory be to our Lord, that the promise of our Lord is certainly fulfilled."
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