Millions of pilgrims and adorers of Imam Hussein (PBUH) commemorating rituals of the ninth night of Ashura

Area between the two Holy Shrines
Imam Es-Sadiq (PBUH) said, "Ninth day of Ashura is the day when Imam Hussein and his companions were surrounded in Kerbala by the enemy and horses of Esh-Sham people. It is the day that the divinely cursed Ibn Merjana and Umar Bin Sa'ad rejoiced for surrounding Imam Hussein (PBUH)." The tragedy of Imam Hussein can never ever be visualized or thought about for the great rank it has and for the incomparable sacrificed made by Imam Hussein (PBUH).

It is the day when all the adorers and the whole world especially those who know Imam Hussein would feel so sad. This is passion naturally people have. It is the day when the companions of the Imam Hussein were getting ready to sacrifice their souls for Imam Hussein (PBUH).

That time when the enemy prevented any water to reach in addition to threatening Imam Hussein and his family (PBUT).
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