At al-Kafeel Hospital: Treating a young woman with damage skin surface layer because of Steven Johnson syndrome.

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announced the success of treating a young woman with damage to the surface layer of the skin, as a result of Steven Johnson Syndrome.
The dermatologist, Dr. Sadiq Jaafar: "We have recently achieved remarkable success in treating a young woman from Karbala Governorate, who suffers from Steven Johnson Syndrome, which causes damage to the surface layer of the skin in most areas of the body," noting that: "Laboratory tests showed the presence of bacterial poisoning in this young woman, and a high rate of immune disorder against the normal tissues of the body."
Dr. Jaafar added that: "80% of the patient's body was affected by the disease, as the injury appeared to be a second-degree burn, which is classified as a dangerous condition according to scientific standards, and it must be admitted to the intensive care unit for treatment under constant monitoring."
Dr. Jaafar pointed out that: "The patient was in a confused consciousness at the time of her admission to the intensive care unit, and we started her treatment according to the international protocol. She was given injections of immunoglobulin inhibiting immune antibodies at high doses at first, and the doses were reduced according to the improvement and response," noting that: "This patient was admitted to many hospitals before, and it was not possible to treat her there, but her health status improved a lot after she underwent treatment under our supervision at al-Kafeel Hospital.”
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