Creating road dividers to facilitate the movement of visitors in the streets adjacent to the square between the two Holy Shrines.

The staff of the Maintenance Division in the Department of the Area between the Two Holy Shrines of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, has begun to install road dividers for the streets adjacent to the Square between the two holy shrines, to ensure a smooth flow of the visitors' movement.
The head of the aforementioned department, Mr. Nafe' al-Musawi, told the al-Kafeel Network: "After holding intensive meetings with the officials in the two holy shrines, regarding finding a way to ensure the smooth flow of visitors' movement in the streets surrounding the Square between the two Holy Shrines, and due to the large number of cases of overcrowding, a decision was made to separate the movement in these streets; back and forth. And after studying a number of proposed models for the road dividers that could meet the purpose, the Department of the Square between the Two Holy Shrines decided to approve the model proposed by the Maintenance Division of our department, because it meets the purpose and provides the desired benefit."
He added: "These works were started before the beginning of the Ziyarat. These road dividers were manufactured in the division's workshops. They are of high durability as each street will be separated into two halves back and forth, for the passage of visitors or mourning processions that take these roads."
Al-Musawi concluded: "With this new mechanism, we ensure the flow and organization of the visitors' movement, and draw specific paths for them to reach the places they want to reach, without causing chaos or disruption that would hinder the organization process."
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