Preparing 350 female medical and nursing volunteers.

The Female Unit of as-Siddiqah at-Tahirah (peace be upon her) of the Medical Affairs Division at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announced that it has received 350 female volunteers from the medical and nursing staff, for the purpose of involving them in the health plan of the Ziyarat Arba'een, after being trained through skills and development courses in a way that contributes to improving their level and ensuring their complete readiness.

The unit’s official, Mrs. Bushra al-Kinani, added: “Based on the directives of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, represented by the Medical Affairs Division, we trained and prepared this number of female volunteers, in addition to the female medical staff of the unit, with various medical and nursing specialties, in coordination with the health departments in each of eight governorates, let them be ready to participate in the medical support plan and provide services to the visitors.

And she indicated: "Before recruiting this number of volunteers, a series of development courses and workshops were organized, in order to hone skills and introduce how to deal with each case."

Al-Kinani continued: "The work of these staffs will be around the clock, as they will be present in the women's medical detachments that were opened inside and outside the holy shrine of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him), and through which aid and appropriate treatments will be provided for each case that comes to it, taking all necessary preventive measures, in order to preserve the safety of everyone.”

She concluded: "A work plan has been drawn up that includes distributing female participants in the medical plan according to the needs and location of each detachment, with a group of them as a backup team for any emergency that happens - God forbid -. The volunteer team includes 73 doctors of various specialities, 204 nurses, and 59 pharmacists, and these units were provided with all the necessary supplies, medicines and treatments, and we also prepared a suitable place for them to rest.”
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