Mourning procession commemorates the first night after the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (PBUH)

A view of the procession
The day of Ashura. Consoling lady Zaineb (Peace be upon her) - the sister of Imam Hussein (PBUT) for what happened to her brother Imam Hussein and to her after she was taken with the rest of the family of Imam Hussein (Peace be upon them), a demonstration procession began to demonstrate what happened to Imam Hussein and his family (PBUT) on the day of Ashura. They embodied what tragic events befell that Nobel and prophetic family (PBUT).

During the activities of the procession, so many people wholeheartedly interacted with them by mourning, weeping tears, and waling for the terrible tragedy. At the end, people began to light candles for the missing Imam Hussein (PBUH) who had been alive and then suddenly martyred.
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