The head of the Shiite Endowment Office stresses the need to adhere to the directives issued by the Religious Authority to the visitors of Arba’een.

The head of the Shiite Endowment Diwan, Dr. Haider al-Shammari, stressed the need to remind the believers of the recommendations of the supreme religious authority for visitors.

During a televised speech delivered by Dr. al-Shammari today, Saturday, on the occasion of the commemoration of Ziyarat Arba'een of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), he referred to a number of matters, most importantly the explanation of the merit of visiting the Master of the Martyrs (peace be upon him) during the Arba'een, indicating: “The importance of remembering the recommendations of the religious authority to the masses of visitors, through which he urged paying attention to the principles of the true religion, commitment to prayer, and an emphasis on sincerity in worship."

Dr. al-Shammari addressed his word to the crowds of visitors heading to the holy Karbala to “be one hand and one heart to protect the sanctities, adhere to the performance of the Hussayni rites, and be one heart against the Takfiris,” stressing on serving visitors from different provinces and from all over the world, as is the custom of Iraqis every year, and stressed on "the importance of adhering to preventive and health measures."

Dr. al-Shammari pointed to the endowment activities in support of the holy shrines in Iraq. And then he concluded his speech by thanking the supreme religious authority in Najaf, represented by His Eminence Ali al-Sistani, for taking care of the Iraqi people of all sects. He also thanked those who responded positively to the sacred Defense Fatwa, the security forces and the families of the martyrs, as well as the scholars and teachers at the Hawza, in addition to the management of the holy shrines in Iraq, for what they have done and are doing for the success of this sacred Ziyarat.
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