Saving the life of a patient at risk of sudden death with the help of the helicopter of the Al-Kafeel Hospital

Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital brought in an Iraqi surgeon by helicopter, to rescue a young woman in her thirties who is at risk of sudden death, while the medical team indicated that the young woman had a brain tumor that had no choice but to quickly eradicate it.

The brain and neurosurgeon, Dr. Ahmed Adnan al-Jabouri: "We succeeded in performing an operation to remove a resinous cyst in the third ventricle of the brain cavities, pressing on the channels through which the spinal fluid passes, for a 31-year-old patient from al-Muthanna Governorate. This is considered one of the dangerous cases due to the possibility of sudden death."

Al-Jabouri explained that: “The operation was carried out by microsurgery and there were no complications, and a number of neurologists, in addition to the anesthesia and assistant teams, participated with me,” noting that: “To save the patient’s life, we had no choice but to perform the operation for her quickly, therefore we came to the hospital by helicopter, and the hospital had a great role in that in coordination with the competent authorities.”

On his part, the neurosurgeon, Dr. Samer Faisal said: "The resinous cyst in the patient's brain caused her headaches and poor eyesight, and her condition worsened in recent days and she began to go into bouts of unconsciousness, so she was subsequently admitted to the intensive care unit in a hospital in her city, and this necessitated an emergency operation to remove the cyst from the brain and save her life.”

Faisal added, "The operation is a special one, and modern and high-precision equipment and techniques were used in it which helped in its success, in addition to the skill of the surgeon and the medical assistant team, in addition to the availability of the intensive care unit, which is important to follow up the patient's condition after the operation."

He continued, "This cyst is of a benign type and was completely removed by this operation, which took about two hours or more. The health status of the young woman stabilized after the operation, and she left for her city after seven days."
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