The scientific and preparatory committees are preparing for the second International Conference of al-‘Ameed University for Medical Sciences.

The Presidency of Al-Ameed University held an expanded meeting with members of the scientific and preparatory committees for the Second International Conference of al-Ameed University for Medical Sciences, to discuss a number of scientific and administrative matters related to the Conference to be held 17-18 November.
The meeting was chaired by the Dean of the University, Prof. Dr. Mu'ayyad al-Ghazali, in the presence of the university’s assistants, deans of faculties and their assistants, and a number of department directors.
During the meeting, the final preparations for the Second International Conference of al-Ameed University for Medical Sciences were discussed, which included agreement on a number of matters, including completing the reception, sorting and examination of scientific research, identifying and choosing scientific journals that adopt the publication of scientific research participating in the main scientific themes, as well as recommending a number of other technical and logistical preparations and equipping educational halls and laboratories.
The committees were also divided to receive the guests participating in the conference, as well as organizing the heads of the scientific sessions in them, completing invitations for the relevant institutions, departments and authorities, as well as coordinating with sponsoring companies with medical specialties to set up their exhibitions in the corridors of the university during the days of the conference.
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