Imam Hussein & El-Abbas Holy Shrines go on a nified procession of mourning the martyrdom of Imam Es-Sejjad (PBUH)

A view of the procession
As an annually commemorated occasion of the martyrdom of the Imam Es-Sejjad (PBUH), the Imam Hussein and the El-Abbas Holy Shrines marched in a unified procession of mourning consoling Imam Hussein and his brother El-Abbas (PBUT) on such a sorrowful commemoration.

The great procession, headed by some officials of the Imam Hussein and the El-Abbas Holy Shrines, marched from the El-Abbas Holy Shrine towards the Imam Hussein Holy shrine reiterating short pieces of poems and shouts about Imam Es-Sejjad (PBUH).

It's been mentioned that the El-Abbas Holy Shrine set a program for commemorating all the tragic occasions of Ahlul-Bayt (PBUT) such as processions and lectures on the day of martyrdom.
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