Modern techniques at the Oncology Center at Al-Kafeel Hospital.

The Center for Oncology and Nuclear Medicine at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital has modern equipment and technologies to diagnose cancers, diseases of the glands, lung and digestive system, in addition to the examinations that are not available in other centers.
Hematologist and oncologist, Dr. Ahmad al-Ibrahimi, said: "Our center is the first of its kind in Iraq in terms of devices and technologies, and it provides diagnostic, inpatient and chemotherapy services in accordance with international protocols for people with cancer, glands and other diseases."
And he stated: "The medical and technical team working in the center has great experience in the field of specialization that is not available in other places."
Al-Ibrahimi added, "We have modern devices and technologies, including the (Gamma Camera), which is used to diagnose cancerous diseases, examine kidney functions, heart functions, the course of tear ducts, lymph nodes and some respiratory diseases," noting that "our diagnosis is made with radioactive iodine and technetium for patients of thyroid glands and their treatment with radioactive iodine in specified doses."

The director of the Center for Oncology and Nuclear Medicine at the hospital said: "The center has a mammograph for breast cancer screening and diagnosis, and a dexa-scan device for osteoporosis."

Al-Ibrahimi noted: “There are examinations in the center that are not performed in other centers, such as examining the tear ducts, lymphatic ducts and some diagnostic tests for the digestive system, in addition to the speedy completion of the examinations, especially for patients in other governorates, and not delaying them for long days.”
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