Dental clinics at Al-Kafeel University begin to provide their free treatment services.

The clinics of the College of Dentistry at Al-Kafeel University, which is affiliated with the Education and Higher Education Authority at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, started receiving patients and providing them with therapeutic and medical services at its headquarters in Najaf Governorate, coinciding with the start of the new academic year.
University President Prof. Nawras al-Dahan told Al-Kafeel Network: “Before the start of the new academic year, the medical clinics were prepared and equipped with all the necessary supplies that they need, which contributes to providing a free service to patients on the one hand, and on the other hand, to work on training the fifth stage students".
He added: "The clinics are considered one of the important specialized centers in Najaf Governorate, and receive tens of cases daily in various dental specialties, such as cases of tooth extraction and permanent and temporary fillings, in addition to fixed dental prostheses (crowns and bridges - braces - fixed dentures - full and partial dentures - Children's Dental Care Department - Teeth Cleaning and Gum Care), and there are cases that require more than one session, depending on the type of case."
And he indicated that: "The clinics are under the supervision of the university's teaching staff, and receive their visitors for five days a week, and the medical and logistical materials used are from solid international origins, and their specifications are approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Health, and by following safety and security standards within the academic accreditation mechanism."
It is noteworthy that the clinics of the College of Dentistry were distinguished by the large number of their auditors due to the expertise of their staff working in this field, resulting from translating their solid academic outputs into a tangible practical reality, and was able to gain the trust of the auditors, as well as its specialization in all branches of dentistry.
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