Karbala poultry slaughter continues its production according to an integrated health and preventive program.

The Karbala poultry slaughterhouse is one of the production lines developed by the staffs of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, in order to support the local product, which greatly contributed to providing the slaughtered chicken to the citizen with guaranteed quality.

The director of the Lewa' International Company at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, Engineer Adel Malik, which is the party that has adopted the development of this production line, said: "Within the program for the production of slaughtered chicken and its pieces, the Karbala slaughterhouse continues to introduce the product to the local market within the comprehensive plan to support the local product." Adding: "The production process is conducted according to the contexts adopted in such projects, especially taking into account the health aspect of the product as well as preparing the logistical matters that serve this process."

And he stated: "The production process and the product are subject to daily control by the competent regulatory authorities in the Karbala governorate, including: the Health Control Department, the Veterinary Hospital and the Department of Livestock Resources, in addition to the qualitative control of the slaughterhouse to ensure the quality of the product."

He explained that: "The Karbala poultry slaughterhouse contributed greatly to providing job opportunities for the youth segment in the province on the one hand, and providing a high-quality product on the other hand," noting that: "Providing local chicken depends on the fields in some Iraqi provinces, Including: Babylon, Diwaniyah, Baghdad, Wasit and Diyala."

For his part, the representative of the Karbala Agriculture Directorate, Dr. Mohammad Mahdi al-Sahhaf, stated that: “The process of following up on the Karbala slaughterhouse is carried out on a daily basis in cooperation with the veterinarians at the Veterinary Hospital, in order to identify the work in this slaughterhouse by specialists in the veterinary field, as it is considered one of the distinguished slaughterhouses in the province, to produce poultry meat, and to provide healthy meat for citizens and visitors to the holy shrines.”

He added, "The slaughterhouse is subjected to the direct veterinary control by the competent authorities in Karbala, specifically the veterinary hospital, in addition to the follow-up of the Livestock Services Department in the Karbala Agriculture Directorate," stressing that: "The Karbala slaughterhouse contributed to supplying the local market with clean meat that is subject to health and veterinarian control by the competent authorities."

It is noteworthy that this slaughterhouse, since the re-maintenance and operation of its production lines by the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine staff, produces approximately 6,000 chickens per hour, making this important product available to the citizen within high specifications.
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