In support of the national product and the agricultural movement: Khair Al-Joud Company participates in the Erbil Exhibition for Agriculture and Livestock Production

Khair Al-Joud Company for Modern Agricultural Technology, affiliated to the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, participated in the Erbil Exhibition for Agriculture and Livestock Production, with the aim of supporting the national and agricultural products in the various governorates of the country.

Engineer Falah al-Fatli, director of marketing and sales at the company, said: "The Company is concerned with this participation because it produces non-traditional agricultural fertilizers that contribute to supporting the agricultural movement in the country, in addition to important biopesticides to meet the needs of the local market."

Al-Fatli added, "The Company seeks to create and find commercial integration between the various governorates of Iraq, in order to provide full support for the national product."

And he indicated that: "The Company is ready to deliver its products to all governorates of the country, especially the governorates of the region, in order to advance the agricultural situation in the country and the region, and to achieve great benefit from these important and non-traditional products."

He stressed that: "Khair Al-Joud Company's products are characterized by the highest levels of security and environmental safety," noting that "these products do not have a negative impact on the environment or on the soil."

Al-Fatli pointed out that: "The Iraqi soil suffers from many problems, including salinity and alkaline soil and others, which necessitates the farmer to use special fertilizers, which contribute to addressing these problems and raising the productivity of agricultural land, which is provided by Khair Al-Joud Company for modern agricultural technology."
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