The Minister of Agriculture praises the products of Khair Al-Joud Agricultural Company and its role in advancing the agricultural reality

The Iraqi Minister of Agriculture, Engineer Mohamad Karim al-Khafaji, praised the role played by the Khair Al-Joud Company for Agricultural Technology and Modern Industry, affiliated with the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, in supporting the national product and the agricultural reality in the country, through its production of fertilizers and agricultural pesticides with international standards, which are locally manufactured with Iraqi hands.
The Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources in the Kurdistan Region, Bekerd Talabani, accompanied him in his visit to the company's pavilion at the first exhibition of agriculture and animal production held in Erbil.
The company's marketing manager, Engineer Falah al-Fatli, gave an explanation of the company's most prominent products displayed in the pavilion. During this visit, we discussed several matters related to the mechanisms that would support the local product, promote it and reduce the need for the imported products, and opening marketing channels of communication between the northern governorates and the rest of Iraq’s governorates, to create a state of production integration and try to overcome obstacles that would impede this process, as well as developing new frameworks to achieve comprehensive agricultural integration that leads to supporting the local product, and offering various agricultural products In the local markets, and finding a proportionality between supply and demand in order to finding new and effective ways to support the agricultural sector in the country."
At the conclusion of this visit, the Minister affirmed his support and encouragement for all the steps taken by local companies to support agricultural production.
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