Highly Praises by the Audience for the Cultural Week Held by El-Abbas Holy Shrine

Stand of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine
At the closing ceremony of the Third Cultural Week held by the Imam Hussein Holy Shine, in cooperation with the El-Abbas and El-Kadhumaiya Holy Shrines in Zenjan, Iran, many people including officials and scholars highly extended their thankfulness for the incomparable activities of the Cultural Week.

The stand of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine witnessed a great number or people frequently were visiting, and admired in the activities and publications.

17000 CDs of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine and some publications in Persian.
At the stand, there were approximately 5000 candles lit up, by the visitors, on a little mound was made as a symbol representing a scene of Kerbala.

It's been mentioned that many blessed things from the El-Abbas Holy Shrine were presented to people who visited the stand of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine.

Such a Cultural Week was held in many countries in terms of delivering the blessed materials to the other people and also for spreading the academic publications over there.
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