Al-Kafeel University organizes a graduation ceremony for the students in the College of Pharmacy

Al-Kafeel University, affiliated to the Education and Higher Education Authority at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, organized the graduation ceremony for its graduate students for the academic year (2020-2021), in the presence of the University President’s Assistant for Administrative Affairs, Assistant Professor Dr. Firas Kamel Mohamad, Dean of the College of Pharmacy and its teachers, as well as the graduated students’ families.

The assistant president of the university told Al-Kafeel Network, “The celebration of this group of students is a celebration of what the university, the dean of the college and its teaching staff have done, during the academic period that the students spent in this scientific edifice. So they worked hard to reap the fruits of their labor, so we congratulate them for this success and excellence and pray for them to continue their scientific path, in the service of their country and in what translates the outcomes of their studies on the ground, and we hope that they are keen on this name to which they belong.”

He added, "This success and excellence came as a result of the students' concerted efforts and cooperation with their teaching staff, and the support provided by the university presidency, as well as the great role of parents, who were supportive and good at supporting them, so their efforts deserved gratitude and praise."

He also indicated that "We honored the first students to distinguish them from their peers, and that the university will be keen to communicate permanently with all its graduates and provide means of support, praying for them to succeed in their scientific and professional career."
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