Khair Al-Joud Company's fertilizers are effective formulations and solutions to soil problems

The products of Khair Al-Joud Company for Agricultural Technology and Modern Industry have proven their effective ability to address soil problems, within the company’s plan to support the agricultural sector in Iraq and provide successful solutions to the farmer.
Among those products with effective compositions is (Nitrosol 335), as the Director of Khair Al-Joud Company, Engineer Maytham al-Bahadli, said, "The salinity processor (Nitrosol 335) is the best way to treat soil salinity, and it can be used by immersion, drip or sprinkler irrigation," noting that " It contains nitrogen, the main supporter of the plant, as well as calcium, which is important for plants and soil alike," stressing that it "works to expel toxic sodium and chlorine, which leads to an increase in plant activity and prevents the formation of toxic ions, and at the same time lowers PH and is classified as an excellent fertilizer."
Al-Bahadli stated, "We aim to help the farmer use the land for agriculture as what distinguishes this product in addition to its efficiency is its price and availability in the market, where the farmer can wash a dunum of land with a package of this product, which is sold at very low prices."
As for the features of this product, Al-Bahadli explained: “The features of (Nitrosol 355) are:
1- The best treatments for soil salinity problems are in sprinkler irrigation systems or drip networks, around which there are no drains for washing and draining salty water.
2- Improving the properties of the soil, by providing free calcium to the plant.
3- It has the ability to neutralize and clean the soil from the sodium and chlorine that are toxic to plants, as well as their negative effect by raising the osmotic pressure on the roots of plants, and the penetration of the two elements inside the root, which disrupts the plant from performing vital functions, and reduces the ability of plants to absorb important elements and nutrients from the soil.
4- It has the ability to prevent the formation of toxic ions in the soil.
5- It increases plant activity in a distinctive way.

It is noteworthy that Iraq loses annually areas of agricultural land as a result of the exacerbation of the problem of soil salinity.
It is considered a major challenge for lands that are devoid of drainage networks, which turns them into unsuitable lands after limited agricultural seasons. Thus productivity decreases and the land is then abandoned because of its uselessness, so the product (Nitrosol 335) came to confront this problem.
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