Starting one of the stages of rehabilitation and design of the Imam al-Kadhem (peace be upon him) gate

The staff working in the project to develop and rehabilitate the gates of the al-Abbas's (peace be upon him) holy shrine, from inside the holy Courtyard of the shrine of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him), started one of the important stages of the rehabilitation of the gate of Imam Musa al-Kadhem (peace be upon him), which is located in the southwestern part of the Courtyard, and is one of the entrances designated for women, and it also includes one of the entrances to the host restaurant of the Holy Shrine.

This stage included the initiation of installing the iron bases in the ceiling of the gate in preparation for the installation of inscriptions and decorations, after its manufacture was completed according to artistic designs that combined the heritage of the past and the modernity of the present, and in harmony with the entrance to the gate and the inscriptions and decorations of the Holy Courtyard.

This stage started after the conclusion of several stages, the most important of which is the completion of the covering of the floor and part of the wall with alabaster, in addition to covering part of it with streaky Karbalai Kashi, as well as completing the wiring of all the systems it needs, such as lighting, audio, cameras, and others.

It is noteworthy that the gate of Imam al-Kadhem (peace be upon him) differs in its design from the rest of the gates of the Holy Shrine, as it does not directly overlook the Courtyard, but rather connects to it through a curve, which required preparing a design that fits with this shape, and in a manner consistent with the main entrance of the gate on one side and the other shrine gates on the other hand, all of which overlook the holy courtyard from the inside, and in a modern urban style that combines originality and modernity of implementation.
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