Movement of Pilgrims towards Imam Hussein (PBUH) (Pictorial Report)

A procession offering services to pilgrims
We have received two pictorial reports about the flocks of pilgrims heading for Imam Hussein (PBUH) from the South of Iraq.

This is another great record this year that the adorers of Imam Hussein (PBUH) have beaten. So many other reports say that millions of the adorers of Imam Hussein are heading for Kerbala to commemorate the Imam Hussein's 40th memorial.

So many people on the roads to Kerbala are pleading pilgrims to be hosted in their houses, to rest, to have food, to stay overnight, and even to provide them with their needs.

Millions of stories which are very close to be unbelievable, but it is believable when it comes once adoring Imam Hussein (PBUH).
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