More than 25,000 meals served by the host restaurant of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine to visitors during Friday eve and day

The host restaurant of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him) provides its services to the visitors from different governorates and outside Iraq throughout the week, according to a pre-prepared schedule, giving special attention to these services during Friday eve and day, as large numbers of visitors benefit from its services after performing the Ziyarat rituals, to be blessed with a meal from the host restaurant of the holy shrine.
The head of the host restaurant department, Engineer Adel al-Hamami, told Al-Kafeel Network, "The host restaurant and its staff work throughout the year, and there are seasons in which the service is doubled, and the efforts made to serve the visitors are greater. Among them is the Ziyarat of Friday eve and day, as the preparation starts early in the morning, thousands of meals are provided, which are distributed after the noon prayer through the external port of the host restaurant, and the service continues to dinners which meals are doubled because of the increase in the number of visitors, in addition to light meals that are distributed between these two meals, such as fruits, fast food, sweets, tea, pastries and juices, with continuous water distribution.”
He added, "As soon as Friday eve ends, the service begins by distributing more than (3000) breakfast meals in addition to two meals (lunch and dinner), and the distribution is carried out with the same vigor, amid a high turnout of visitors who visit this station that beats with generosity, so that the total meals that are distributed are more than (25) thousand meals.”
And al-Hamami stated, "Meals are prepared and cooked to meet the tastes of visitors and suit their numbers, and we are working to ensure that no visitor remains without a meal, and the distribution is through the internal host halls in addition to the external outlets, according to distribution queues for men and others for women, taking into account the needs of each visitor."
He concluded, "The meals that are cooked in the host restaurant's kitchen are placed in disposable utensils, and are distributed to visitors following sanitary and preventive conditions."
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