The success of a complex operation for a girl suffering from several health problems at the Al-Kafeel Hospital

The Cardiac Surgery Center at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital announced its success in performing a complex operation for a girl who suffers from several health problems, including congenital heart defects, while stressing that the hospital, is capable of dealing with such cases and achieving success in them.

The director of the center, Dr. Ahmed Aboudi, said, "The Heart Surgery Center at Al-Kafeel Hospital recently succeeded in performing the operation to repair a congenital heart malformation for a one-and-a-half-year-old girl, who was suffering from openings between the ventricles with high pulmonary artery pressure."

He added, "The girl was lying in a hospital because of severe inflammation at the level of the respiratory and urinary tract, in addition to having problems at the level of the digestive system, kidneys, and a deviation in the spine, and this made her condition complicated with the difficulty of dealing with it, and increasing the risk of heart surgery that she underwent.

And Aboudi stated that "the requirements of the operation were prepared according to what was required, and we performed it and succeeded in it without any complications. The child is now under observation in the intensive care unit, and it is possible that she may move to the hall after 72 hours or less

The Director of the Heart Surgery Center confirmed that "dealing with children who suffer from heart problems is very difficult, especially if they suffer from other diseases," noting that "the presence of modern technologies in the hospital and the required medications and following protocols for intensive care for patients with heart operations, enabled us to deal with such complex cases."
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