Preparing for Receiving the Pilgrimage of the Imam Hussein's 40th Memorial with Noticeable Efforts

El-Abbas Street
The El-Abbas Holy Shrine has prepared fully to receive the millions of pilgrims who come on foot to Imam Hussein (PBUH). They honorably began to ensure the needs every pilgrim might need such as medical treatment, installing temporary centers for missing people, expanding entries, increasing the books of salutation to Imam Hussein and El-Abbas (PBUT), holding evenings for Quran recitation, and campaign of constant cleaning.

Religious instructions always given to pilgrims on the most important issues that pilgrims need.

More buses the El-Abbas Holy Shrine hired in order to transport pilgrims in terms of facilitating the pedestrian's traffic.
Two meals are served to pilgrims every single day of the pilgrimage, in addition to other things given such as tea, fruits, and some fast foods.

The same activities are performed in the cities for pilgrims located on Babylon-Kerbala road and Nejaf-Kerbala road.
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