Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital Organizes a Scientific Workshop on Dermasin and Microsin Technique

Today, Saturday, Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital organized a scientific workshop on the technique of Dermasin and Microcin, for treating wounds and diabetic foot ulcers, which the hospital uses to treat many patients.
The Director of Al-Kafeel Hospital, Dr. Jassim al-Ibrahimi, said, “The hospital is based on scientific, technical and media elements, and it strives to establish modern scientific medical workshops,” adding, “The technique of Dermasin and Microcin to treat wounds and ulcers is a successful technique, specifically in infections caused by irregular diabetes, and it has succeeded by using this technology and treating many patients with this technology.”
Al-Ibrahimi continued, "The hospital wanted to familiarize the medical community with this technology, so we invited those concerned from different governorates and held this important workshop," noting that "the workshop was successful at all levels, as the participants were briefed on the way this modern medical technology works and its impressive results, through a representative of the manufacturing company, who gave them a detailed explanation, as well as listening to the experiences of hospital doctors with this technology.”
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