Work continues on the Women's Religious Fakhr al-Mukhadarat School project

The Department of Engineering Maintenance and Construction at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine continues its work on the project of the Fakhr al-Mukhadarat Religious Women School, one of the al-Kafeel schools in Najaf affiliated to the Holy Shrine, according to the work plan drawn up for it and within its timelines and plans.

The engineer supervising the project, Mr. Ali al-Herr, told Al-Kafeel Network, "This project is one of the construction projects that our department is supervising its implementation, and the work stages began to be completed one after the other, as the building of the roof of the ground floor was completed and the first floor columns began to be installed."

He added that: "The building, located in the al-Ameen neighborhood in Najaf governorate, and built on an area of ​​660 square meters, is a vertical structure consisting of three floors with a ground floor, designed and implemented in accordance with the purpose for which it was established, with high quality, and with high specifications. The floor areas of the building were distributed according to the following:

- Ground floor: consists of a nursery, administrative rooms for the teaching staff, a dining hall, an administration room with a reception and information hall, bathrooms, and a service room.

- The first and second floors: each floor has eight rows in addition to bathrooms.

- The third floor: consists of three rows, a storeroom, an audio room, as well as a large central hall for holding meetings and events.

Al-Herr confirmed that: "The building will be equipped with a package of systems and infrastructure, in addition to means of safety and public safety, with aesthetic finishes that are compatible with the nature of the facility."

Fakhr al-Mukhadarat Women’s School for Religious Studies is one of the Al-Kafeel schools for women, and the aim of its establishment came to contribute to the preparation of conscious female teachers and informants, to spread religious sciences and Islamic culture in society, build a good Islamic society and prepare an effective elite of graduated of the Al-Kafeel schools, and also to prepare solid curricula according to the school of the Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them). And as a result of the turnout witnessed by these schools and the large number of students, the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine decided to build this school to continue fulfilling its mission and lofty goals.
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