Starting the installation of the knotworks on the wooden frame of the shrine's grid of Lady Zaynab (peace be upon her)

The staff of the department of manufacturing grids and doors of holy shrines at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine began installing the knotworks of the shrine's grid of Lady Zaynab (peace be upon her) on its wooden structure, after most of its pieces and parts were almost completed.
These works are carried out in parallel lines with all the parts of the grid, whether they are metal or wood, and within what was planned for implementation and installation according to the design and the time limit specified for it.
The head of the department and the supervisor of the works, Mr. Nadhem al-Ghurabi, told the Al-Kafeel Network, "Our technical staff working in this project began to complete the parts one by one, accompanied by the installation work on the wooden frame of the grid, and today we are witnessing a new part added to the rest of the previously completed and installed parts, which are considered the result of a group of manufacturing and installation works, all of which make 14 knotworks, which surround the holy grid on all sides."
He added that "the manufacture of knotworks goes through many manufacturing and installation stages, starting with the manufacture of balls, handles and halves, through their installation and fixing them with their structure on the metal frame made of silver, and finally by installing it on the wooden part, and that all these works are carried out according to high technical and accurate measurements. And they are the first knotworks to be manufactured in this shape and design.”
Al-Ghurabi stressed that "the work is progressing at an increasing pace and with high determination accompanied by a process of professional commitment to all the parts and plans of the designs of the project, which were prepared and designed by the workers in this project, so that work continues to complete all the parts of the new grid. The accuracy and technique with which these knotworks and the other grid's parts were manufactured, is the first of its kind, not only in Iraq but also in all countries specialized in manufacturing the grids of holy shrines.
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