Al-Kafeel Hospital’s techniques successfully assist two emergency operations in maxillofacial surgery

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital revealed that it had successfully performed two emergency operations for multiple fractures of the face and jaws as a result of two separate accidents, while stressing that the hospital's techniques enabled the team to succeed in advanced operations.
Oral and maxillofacial surgery specialist Dr. Radwan al-Ta'ei, "We received a wounded young man in his twenties who was hit by a direct blow to the eye socket as a result of an explosion, and he had to be rushed to the operations," explaining that "the tests showed the presence of fractures in the bone of the eye socket and the loss of part of it with another internal part."
Al-Ta'ei added, "We proceeded with the operation quickly to install and restore the eye socket, and it was successfully completed while preserving the optic nerve and other nerves surrounding the area of ​​injury and the surgical work," noting that "three-dimensional technology and medical materials of international origin were used, including materials for the treatment of exophthalmos."
Al-Ta'ei stated that “another emergency operation was performed for a woman in her forties who had crush fractures in the bones of the forehead, the eye socket and the jaws” noting that “the fractures of the facial bones and the eye socket were fixed and the pressure on the optic nerve was relieved. Another surgery with high precision will follow to restore the eye socket."
Al-Ta'ei stressed the possibility of performing advanced operations in maxillofacial surgery in the hospital, thanks to the availability of advanced technologies and logistical and human capabilities, and the success rates in them are high and distinctive.
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