In an effort to preserve the tangible and cultural heritage: Al-Kafeel Museum of Treasures and Manuscripts begins holding a series of museum symposiums

The Al-Kafeel Museum of Treasures and Manuscripts at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has begun holding a series of specialized museum symposiums aimed at introducing the tangible and intangible heritage, how to preserve it because it is part of our identity, and spreading the spirit of museum culture.

The first of these symposiums, entitled: (Memory of Heritage between Recall and Reflection), was held in the presence of Imam al-Hassan (peace be upon him) Hall at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, and electronically via the (ZOOM) platform and in the presence and follow-up of a number of specialists and those interested in the museum affairs.

This symposium was presented by the assistant head of the Museum Department, Professor Dr. Shawqi al-Moussawi, in which he spoke about the memory of heritage, explaining that the issue of heritage is a very important issue that we must preserve, as well as the mechanisms and requirements necessary to preserve it, with reference to many linguistic and idiomatic terms about heritage.

Al-Mousawi presented a visual presentation about the impact of war on heritage, starting with ancient civilizations through the Middle Ages, up to the present moment we are going through, as an example of what ISIS gangs pursued in terms of burning and destruction and their attempt to obliterate this identity.

The importance of the issue of caring for heritage was also discussed, as it is tantamount to preserving the ancestral past, which represents our identity, if we consider that heritage has a cultural, cognitive, aesthetic and behavioral value in the lives of previous peoples and nations.

In turn, the Head of the Museum Department, Mr. Sadeq Lazem, told Al-Kafeel Network that "holding these symposiums is part of the recommendations that came out of the Third International Al-Kafeel Museum Conference, which urged attention to the educational aspect of the museum, which aims to preserve our heritage, memory, Arab identity, our language and the dangers that surround us and target our heritage. These symposiums will be a reminder of the past in order to preserve this heritage, whether it is material, intellectual or cultural, and the heritage of museums, whether in the Al-Kafeel museum or community institutions.”

He explained that "museums are a book to record the achievements of peoples through different ages in various fields, and play a major role in defining the identity of peoples and monitoring their development through the ages, in addition to disseminating knowledge and deepening the connection to roots and heritage, as it is an effective means of mass communication, a means of creativity of children and strengthening the spirit of belonging. And these symposiums are nothing but a means to shed light on this aspect.”

It is noteworthy that a schedule has been set for holding these symposiums, which will address various topics on museum culture, heritage and antiquities and how to take care of them. Each month, one or more symposiums will be held.
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