Launching the monthly “Treasures of Knowledge” competition

The Electronic Reference Center for Informatics, affiliated with the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, announced the launch of a public monthly electronic competition under the title: (Treasures of Knowledge), with prizes for the winners.
The competition is part of the activities of the center and its contribution to enriching the general culture and increasing the knowledge store of the participants in the various human and scientific sciences in an interesting manner. It includes asking a set of questions, the answers to which are directly via the following link:
The center has allocated three prizes to the winners after the correct answers are sorted, with a draw to be conducted if there are more than three winners, where a monthly drawing will be held to select three participants with the correct answers.
First prize: (100,000 Iraqi dinars) + a silver ring.
Second prize: (75,000 Iraqi dinars) + a silver ring.
Third prize: (50,000 Iraqi dinars) + a silver ring.
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