The supreme religious authority responds to a humanitarian appeal and extends a helping hand to a number of Yazidi families

The Relief Committee of the Office of His Eminence Sayed al-Sistani responded to an appeal made by the Yazidi families who take shelter in Mount Sinjar camp for the displaced, and extend a helping hand to them in a way that contributes to alleviating their burdens, and helping them to overcome their ordeal in light of the difficult weather conditions as the temperature drops below zero.

The head of the committee, Mr. Shahid al-Moussawi, told Al-Kafeel Network: "After the distress call arrived to the office of the supreme religious authority, His Eminence Sayed al-Sistani, our committee headed to this camp to provide relief and deliver humanitarian aid to its residents of the Yazidi sect. This is one of the hundreds stations visited by the committee since the entry of ISIS terrorist gangs into some lands of Iraq, and the start of displacement movements and the accompanying events in the various provinces that were affected by ISIS terrorism."

He added, "The aid included the distribution of various food baskets and blankets for families, in coordination with the camp's administrators, and its residents expressed their thanks to His Eminence Sayed al-Sistani for the swift response of his office by directing aid to these families who are going through difficult conditions.”
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