The quail breeding project supplied the market with 250 thousand birds and more than one million eggs in one year

The management of the quail breeding project, one of the projects of the Al-Kafeel Company for Public Investments, affiliated to the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, revealed that it achieved a breakthrough in its production during the past year (2021), as it was able to supply the local market with (250) thousand birds and more than one million eggs, through marketing outlets in the Karbala Governorate.
The head of the agricultural department in the aforementioned company, Engineer Ali Maz'al Layedh confirmed to the Al-Kafeel Network that "the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has adopted many industrial, agricultural and animal projects that support the national product, to restore confidence in it and reduce what is imported from outside the country. And among the pioneering projects that succeeded is the quail bird breeding project, which is one of the quality projects and the first of its kind in Iraq.”
He continued, "Since the establishment of the project, we have drawn up a plan to upgrade and develop it, which will contribute to increasing its production, whether of meat or eggs, which has become a demand for the Iraqi consumer, and we have achieved good results that have begun to be reflected positively, through modern mechanisms and methods with accurate health and laboratory standards, starting from incubators, breeding houses, hatcheries, down to the consumer."
He explained, "The past year was one of the sections of the ambitious plans that were set, and we made a leap in terms of product, and we hope this year to also achieve what we planned for, and will witness the addition of four halls in addition to what is available to make the total number (10) halls, as well as the development of the three nurseries and three incubators, with a production capacity that will reach, God willing, between (13,000) to (17,000) eggs per hatch."
Layedh concluded, "There is a demand by the consumer for our products, for what is distinguished by it, whether it is meat or eggs, and it has become a requirement for a large number of consumers, and the product is also nutritious because it is subject to an integrated nutritional program in addition to the medical program, and that the product is available in most Direct Selling centers of Al-Kafeel Investments Company."
It is noteworthy that the project is being built on an area of ​​10,000 square meters, located on the (Najaf - Karbala) road, and contains a number of model halls for breeding rare quails in addition to eggs, as it includes a hatchery and incubators for birds, as well as a lab of one-ton feed daily.
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