A successful operation for a child suffering from congenital heart anomalies

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital announced that it had successfully treated a 3-year-old child suffering from congenital heart malformations.
A pediatric cardiac surgeon at the hospital, Dr. Ahmed 'Abboodi, said, "Our medical team succeeded in treating a three-year-old child, who suffers from a birth opening between the ventricles, with a qualitative operation," while "the opening of the heart was large and it was not possible to fuse without surgical intervention".
And Dr. 'Abboodi indicated that "the members of the medical and nursing team in the heart surgery center are trained and specialized to work in such centers, and they have high skills to deal with heart surgery patients, whether for young or old patients."
The pediatric heart surgeon confirmed that "such operations were performed outside the country, but after the open heart center was opened at Al-Kafeel Hospital, it became possible to perform them inside the country with high success rates."
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