Graduation of a new batch of students from the Holy Quran Women Institute

The Holy Quran Women's Institute of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine announced the graduation of (30) female students, after passing the final exam in correct reading and the rules of recitation.
The head of the internal courses at the institute, Professor Masooma al-Kashmiri, said, "(30) students received intensive lessons in correct reading and the rules of recitation, in three of the institute's courses (Ansar Al-Hujjah Course, Az-Zahra's Lovers Course, and Umm Al-Baneen Course), which were held electronically through the ( meet), so that those who are unable to attend the institute’s headquarters and centers can easily learn the Noble Qur’an at the hands of qualified female teachers.”
It is noteworthy that the Women's Holy Quran Institute keeps holding Quranic courses throughout the year, in addition to conducting periodic exams for female students, with the aim of graduating an effective female Quranic generation.
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